Our design thinking approach is about people, what moves them and how to touch them. New Citizen Design provides content to client’s intent and helps it shape, using the specific brainpower of its designers. Our strategic consultancy is a combination of corporate and design thinking and enhances creative business ideas, strategies and product(line)s, through workshops and design journeys.Would you like to explore new routes to transform your business or achieve your goals? New Citizen Design can tailor collaborative design journeys or work on the basis of a specific assignment.

  • powerful,
  • clear in their central idea and concept
  • often provoking a smile on the face
  • and always making contact.

The functionality of our Dutch Approach is in the stir it gives to behaviour and/or well-being. Functional iconism in this way is not only tangible in products, buildings, interiors and landscapes, but also intangible in terms of ‘social iconism’.

For further contact: info@newcitizendesign.nl

The Dutch Approach