In the end, cities want to be loved, beautiful and exciting…. so architecture and real estate development would do wise to reflect the wishes and needs of city inhabitants en dwellers. On the presumption that incorporating our expertise on the new citizen with the innovative design-and-build knowledge of professor Kas Oosterhuis, cepezed projects, Royal Haskoning DHV and Manhave real estate, set out on a design journey to explore a radical new approach of architecture, spacial design, development and building in cities. Leading to a design journey that can be tailored to specific urban design challenges.

Our design journey takes all aspects into account: from technical to behavioral, from traditional to futuristic, with a short horizon as well as for a (not yet) envisioned future (read: adaptable). All wishes, dreams and curiosities can be taken into account in a real-time, 3D parametric design tool that visually shows you the implications in spacial matters and the calculated effects of them in a flow-chart model. The design journey can also include sessions with external stakeholders, so as to ensure common ground for the design and development phase.

Curious whether this can work for your work in the city?

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