We live in a time of radical change on multiple levels, in which we see a new type of citizen arising. A contemporary and metropolitan person with a set of values that include a certain involvement beyond the individual stake.
We call this persona the New Citizen.
New citizens relate to consciousness, interaction, inclusion, sharing and circularity.

Meet the new citizen

We define the new citizen as a metropolitan person, internationally oriented, more often educated but not of a specific social class or generation. The new citizen is self-confident and has great trust in the future, you can see this in our New Citizen Design products.

He is curious for what’s new and agile to change. It may not surprise you that the new citizen is an early adopter or belongs to the early majority of innovation followers. New citizens have different expectations from life in that they expect ‘things to last as long as they last’. They do not design their life-path but take it more as it comes. New citizens enjoy contributing to a better society and a better world. Well-being to them is more important than prosperity.

New Citizen Design takes the new citizen as a starting point for the curation of New citizen design products in their portfolio.
design thinking strategy consulting takes off from what drives and moves people; with a special focus on new citizens.

Meet New Citizen Design

The people behind New Citizen Design are Jan Willem de Laive and Antonia Wormer. The company has been established in the autumn of 2016.

Jan Willem de Laive is former owner of LAIVE.nl design agent. Through the years, Jan Willem has built up a wide network in the international world of design, both with designers and the professional field of design. He has gained a broad knowledge of materials and production methods. This is of great value to the designers when further developing their concepts into reproducible products.

Antonia Wormer has a track record as (transformation) strategy consultant and initiator of creative business ideas. Antonia designed the marketing strategies for the cities of Rotterdam and Amsterdam. She started Port of Rotterdams art collection, engineered coalitions for intricate change and innovation processes for (inter)national ambitions. She also was a program advisor for TEDx and moulded the first edition of World Port Days. For New Citizen Design she is responsible for business development and an energetic link between client and designer.

The functionality of our Dutch Approach is in the stir it gives to behaviour and/or well-being. Functional iconism in this way is not only tangible in products, buildings, interiors and landscapes, but also intangible in terms of ‘social iconism’.

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