Repurpose proposal of empty spaces within the institute aligned with the strategic challenges of connecting design professionals in the field of architecture, design and e-culture to the national institute’s tasks and societal challenges.

Through its activities Het Nieuwe Instituut aims to increase the appreciation of the cultural and social significance of architecture, design and digital culture and to strengthen the interaction between these disciplines. In a period characterised by radical change, Het Nieuwe Instituut wants to moderate, stimulate and facilitate debate about architecture, design and digital culture through research and a public programme. 

New Citizen Design analyzed and clarified HNI’s position in the Dutch Design Ecosystem on the basis of observation, research, connection and commitment, resulting in shared vision on how to repurpose the empty spaces within the building into a special form of designer workspaces that encompass co-operation and mutual knowledge transfer or sharing. The idea is that the connection between participating designers of workspace, amongst each other ànd in connection will lead to greater or unexpected results and impact.