Magazine COVER Room Divider


COVER by Mark-Jan Meerdink for New Citizen Design

Reading table and room divider in one. Magazine screen cover improves looks and acoustics. The different widths are determined by the average magazine size and the distribution of magazines/wires to make a well-balanced screen.The amount of vertical wires and the length of the horizontal bars (cut from industry-length anodised aluminium) determine the price. A continuous magazine wall can be built out of multiple screens/pieces; the divisions are hardly visible when hung ‘side by side’.


The Magazine COVER Room Divider by Mark-Jan Meerdink for New Citizen Design

COVER is a made to measure aluminum frame hanging from stainless steel wires. You can fill Cover as you please; with magazines, newspapers or other publications. The frame becomes an exclusive, personal and living room divider. When a magazine is outdated, you replace it with a new one; Cover can be as glossy, hip or serious as you want it to be.
Room divider, vertical reading table and acoustic barrier in one. Ideal for large open (work) spaces. COVER can float freely in space, hanging from the ceiling, or it can be placed against the wall as editable wall decoration.

Specifications of the Magazine COVER Room Divider

  • The horizontals are anodized aluminum (3x20mm).
  • The verticals are double stainless-steel wires (2mm).

A 2,5x3m magazine-filled screen weighs about 45 kilos. A screen this size uses 4 double steel wires; this size frame could carry 160 kilos. COVER comes in a standard size of 100 cm width x 260 cm height and can contain 3 x 9 magazines.


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165×260, 2 x 100×260, 2 x 130×260, 200×260, 230×260, 265×260, 300×260, 330×260, 360×260, 395×260