After graduating (2006) from the leadingart academy St.Joost in Breda, Holland, Ward van Gemert (1981) spent his first years as a professional a design assistant to international acclaimed Dutch Designer Maarten Baas with whom he shared a view on art and design. In 2010 he founded his own studio Nightshop in Rotterdam, Holland, a city that fuels him with the right energy for his designs. Ward is mainly interested in mixing elements of high culture andpopular culture into his designs. He isalsokeen oninvestigating the boundaries between what is considered as good taste and bad taste. From this interest, though he never worked in an office himself, his BoredomCollection of business furniture originated

Nightshop and New Citizen Design have extended the Boredom Furniture Collection with a Boredom Carpet. High quality printed carpets with the typical Nightshop doodled patterns and with a slightly curved blind binding.