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Positive Perspectives When setting up our business nearly three years ago, we (Antonia Wormer & Jan Willem de Laive) wanted to catch the positive energy of people within cities and make their spaces into real places. Real cities for real people. We were inspired by Alison Walker’s beautiful quote


and made it our mantra.

Everything we do at New Citizen Design, is people-oriented: we want our design productions, concepts and consultancy to change perspectives, nurture human connection and creativity, and demonstrate an appealing envisioned future. While working on it, we like to have a mutually beneficial, pleasant and open relation.

Thanks to the collaboration with so many professional companions, 2019 for us has been a very positive year.

We have matured our frame of work: the new citizen design movement, and inspired audiences in New York, The Netherlands, Brussels, Paris, London and Dubai with the persona of the new citizen. It was good to hear your appreciation of the fact that our frame of thought starts from positive human residu, rather than focussing on the negative impact of our present day multiple mega-shifts.

New Citizen Design Products
Our portfolio of conversation design pieces is now more aligned with our reason of being. With the addition of designs by Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte, Moreno Schweikle and Iwona Kosicka, our portfolio reflects more what new citizens like to do: be sustainable, look from a different perspective, stimulate their imagination, and connect with the other. 
The designs Belvedère ladder chair, circled Swing chair and Paradosso ‘Let it Go’ together form a design trio that celebrates creativity.    Photo credits: Circle Swing –

New Citizen Interiors
Together with award-winning Wieneke van Gemeren, we finished work on medium-stay apartments in Rotterdam. Medium-stay, for new citizens, is a home away from home. Furnished and styled in between a home and a hotel. 
We also created a flexible and comfortable workspace in the former HQ of a shipping office, honoring its rich heritage.

New Citizen Building
Our exciting design journey with Manhave Real Estate has resulted in proof of concept of our work format with serious gaming tool. A ‘new citizen design journey’ is a co-creation format for multiple stakeholder scenario planning in urban and architectural design. With the help of professor Oosterhuis’ parametric design tool, traditional as well as new citizen values will be visualized and their effect calculated, so as to enhance mutual understanding and agreement.
The New Citizen Building, as such, is both a process for radical change in the building & development sector, and, as an envisioned (near) future, real architecture. 
We are looking forward to 2020 in which we would like to pursue our new citizen journey together with you and many new followers and friends.POSITIVE PERSPECTIVES 2020
New Citizen designs on show at VIA Paris (Jan-May), Collectible Brussels (Jan), New York, Dubai, The Netherlands / New Citizen design journeys for product development / Pitching (the) New Citizen building / Realizing a future icon for Dubai / A hospitality and a new citizen health centre interior / Exciting product developments / Extending our collaborations at home, elsewhere in Europe, NYC and Dubai / Visiting major shows and meeting you there!



About New Citizen Design & the new citizen
New Citizen Design (Jan Willem de Laive & Antonia Wormer) is a design producing and design thinking company taking the point of view of the new citizen as its guiding principle for spatial design. Their activities comprise three disciplines: product development and curated representation, interior design and (a) new citizen building. Wormer is a speaker on the topic of the multiple mega-shifts and the impact of the new citizen.
The new citizen is a persona that embodies a design movement of positiveness and consciousness, as an answer to the multiple mega-shifts we are experiencing in our present day world. New citizens are inter-viduals. The living earth is their home. They are undeniably human and have the courage to invest living tissue in society. They bring energy into our cities. New citizens move comfortably between roles. That is why we witness the rise of workspaces where like-minded professionals thrive in spaces that look like a combination of an office, a hotel and brasserie, a home or a leisure club. Consequently, also in hospitality and home interiors. New citizens are tech-wise, and in search of sharing with and relating to others.



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