Wieneke van Gemeren is all about making interiors more interesting. By making it more beautiful, whimsical or outlandish, she makes you want to look twice. Wieneke is both a product- and an interior designer. She has worked for and with A-label brands such as Diesel, Eastpak, Conscious Hotels, Floris van Bommel, Leolux, and DeCastelli for the design of their (sometimes worldwide) retail and hospitality concepts. Having worked and lived in Italy and the US, she’s fluent in both the Italian and English language.

Wieneke is all about creating an empowering atmosphere. No design merely for the sake of design. Highly appreciated by her clients for her knowledge of telling a story and living a brand through interior design, she can undertake all aspects of design: from think-tank participation and consultancy to concept development, (product) design and styling.

Her extensive knowledge of sustainable design is without a doubt a strong relevant asset, acknowledged by many of her clients.

Current projects include the complete interior design of Conscious Hotel Westerpark in Amsterdam and the design of an exclusive collection of furniture and interior accessories. New Citizen Design and Wieneke van Gemeren have teamed up to empower interior design projects and materialize Wieneke’s product designs.